Mutiny has broken out aboard the good ship Potemkin!
The valiant sailors enjoy the struggle so much they continue to fight though the ship has gone down long ago.

Join the mayhem and kill your fellow seamen... or be killed, if you prefer.
Since it's a multiplayer game, you may want to invite some friends to join.

System requirements: You will need a Unity3D plug-in and your firewall must allow connections on port 9000.

The Unity-webplayer plugin is no longer supported. If you are unable to launch with the Launch button, you can download the game to your desktop.
This is at your own perril with no guaranties or responsibility taken by FARVER.
Mac osx md5 checksum: 997b0fbc58db3fea39e503a8398c92a9
Windows 32 bit md5 checksum: 7e5776bc8a48be59683c9b5952e53a8c
Windows 64 bit md5 checksum: 1be8bba0c7da42b881020f3490a0d890
(md5 checksum from zip file).